Development Team

Odyssey Parks & Resorts works with a unique and highly professional team of experts who work on the development and planning of the combined Odyssey resorts. All members have a solid reputation on their own and are constantly working on leisure projects. This Odyssey Development Team is always available for working on your projects as well. Besides our core team we have a large group of experts ready to assist, based on the demands of your project. Let us introduce you to the main teammembers…

David Bakas – Chief Operations Officer

15690e5A man of many hats- and proud that some of them have “Mouse Ears”! Themed entertainment and attractions industry professional proficient in both the creative development and operational management sides of the business.  Decades of experience throughout the industry and the globe in bringing theme parks and attractions to life as well as managing venues. Currently devoted to developing major theme park destination resorts, especially the Worlds of Wonder destination resort for Western Sydney, the spiritual successor to Wonderland Sydney, which will be the largest theme park destination in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as projects elsewhere in the globe such as Poland’s Adventure World Warsaw theme park destination resort and the effort to bring back Jazzland theme park in New Orleans.

Tonya Pope – CEO Jazzland New Orleans

aaeaaqaaaaaaaasuaaaajdu1mdqxnti4lte3ndktndhmzs05yjywlty4mzi4zjk3nwqyoqExperience in project management and leadership encompassing the areas of Construction Management, Creative Development, and Technical Development, both in and out of the entertainment industry. Degreed Electrical and Computer Engineer, I started my career in the aerospace industry working at NASA. After gaining from this memorable experience, I chose to leave the aerospace industry to pursue creative opportunities. I owned and operated a themed entertainment design business prior to founding Paidia. We are currently working on an entertainment resort. Specialties: Attraction development and design for theme parks.

Ammar Khan – CEO Worlds of Wonder Sydney Resort

03ba415Expertise in urban renewal and land redevelopment, working on own projects and also for external clients. Highest and best use, as well as overcoming site impediments a specialty. Can fully relate to state and local government planningpolicies, and devise the most efficient and profitable solutions. Project Director of the Western Sydney Theme Park Pty., Ltd., developing the Worlds of Wonder theme park destination resort in Western Sydney, the successor to Wonderland Sydney theme park. Ammar worked as a young man in the old Wonderland amusement park and is destined to bring this park back to Australia not just in all its glory but with more wonder than ever before.

Erik Visser – Chief Development

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahxaaaajdfjnzrhmti3ltc3ymmtndm1yy1hmwjklwrjmdqxmgyxognhmwErik has worked on countless projects all over the planet. He is currently involved in some of the world’s largest leisure projects as technical developer and masterplanner. He is an expert in magic, holograms, optical illusions, stage effects, attraction effects, attractions and rides systems, and all technology involved in leisure. Erik has a long history of solving problems with existing attractions and is known to handle complex attraction projects. Lately Erik is trained in crisis management and crowd control, and always stays calm in a hectic office.

Exequel Biazon – Head Design

ej newExequel is the owner of Sfumato Holograms in the Philippines and has an education in interior design and project management.. It is Rianfil’s hologram branche and the only company in the world capable of making multilayered 3D holographic displays for every situation. With the latest techniques holograms can even have shadows and look completely 3D.  The new REVO systems enables you to have complete freedom over your holograms even in a large theatre setting. Exequel comes from a creative and business minded family, running a school, massage studio, promotional newspaper and having a family band. Exequel is member of a national group of smart people trying to solve Philippines problems. He is also a certified designer, currently known for designing Jollibee fastfood restaurants.