What we do

What we do

Odyssey Parks and resorts has two main departments: development and investments. Our team is not only developing Odyssey resorts but also assists with other leisure projects in several countries.. Feel free to ask us about possibilities for your project. We are also searching for funding for our and other projects. If you or your company are looking for leisure projects to invest in with solid ROI after opening, we definately have what you are looking for.

Odyssey is different compared to other companies in our industry. We are a small group of experts, who work on projects on our own but also team up for large projects. All of us have our specialties and as a team we can create anything you want. We can design, plan, masterplan and manage every (leisure) project anywhere on the planet. Besides our core team we have a large group of experts ready to assist, based on the demands of your project. We are not a company but a team. Part of your team.

Hiring Odyssey is basically like hiring 3, 4 or 5 international experts for the first steps. You don’t pay for an office full of employees… The size of the team depends on your wishes and demands. You pay for what you need.


Developments are turning visions into reality. The Odyssey development team is highly qualified and holds a wealth of experience in interdisciplinary project work. We are currently developing resorts on 3 continents.

Its broad spectrum of expertise ranges from development of new high quality theme parks and resorts and special types of urban attractions tailored to the requirements of the modern individual and help creating pulsating new areas with a long-term vision of leisure and entertainment.

Odyssey Parks & Resorts takes great attention to the research process, which allows us to identify future market trends and lead the way following Leisure market data strategic analysis in order to perfectly adapt to the current and future demand.

In each individual project, we focus on how to transform theoretical potential and ROI expectations into tangible added value for both visitors, owners and investors. In doing so, we are always guided by our commitment to the sustainability principle. We identify opportunities, evaluate feasibility, and locate new oportunities. Our creative ideas give a new and attractive view of life, theme parks with promising potential and retail zones that fulfil the needs of shoppers and urban adventurers while also keeping a steady eye on costs.

We dedicate great importance to architecture, sustainability as well as the esthetical revalorization of urban environment in order to meet or even exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

We highly value location, tenant structure and solvency, residual value as well as opportunities with regards to future market trends.

Our highly skilled investment team shows a proven track record of sourcing and executing complex real estate transactions, often involving property development or redevelopment. The team’s investment approach utilizes development initiatives as well as value-added marketing and leasing schemes to unlock attractive returns.

Investment opportunities

Odyssey Parks & Resorts identifies undervalued opportunities by systematically filtering investment markets related to Leisure and Entertainment. Each investment is structured in order to maximize our investors’ net returns and to minimize risks. This basic investment approach applies to all our investment activities, including direct investments, co-investments or fund structures.
Odyssey Parks & Resorts believes that prudent management co-investment and complete transparency in reporting and overall investor communication are crucial components of our fiduciary responsibility. These principles provide us with important building blocks in our corporate governance model which is built on a true alignment of interests.

As beneficiaries of Odyssey Parks & Resorts, structured investment products and services our clients can profit from our efforts and constant search for innovative and sustainable real estate investment strategies.