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Odyssey Parks and Resorts at IAAPA

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Odyssey teammembers David Bakas and Tonya Pope will be in Orlando at the IAAPA 2017 convention and are ready to meet.

Odyssey is different compared to other companies in our industry. We are redefining the way of project development and management. We are a small group of experts, who work on projects on our own but also team up for large projects. All of us have our specialties and as a team we can create anything you want. We can design, plan, masterplan and manage every (leisure) project anywhere on the planet. Besides our core team we have a large group of experts ready to assist, based on the demands of your project. We are not a company but a team. Part of your team.

You have probably seen us in the latest IAAPA magazine Funworld:
Odyssey Development Sydney

Hiring Odyssey is basically like hiring 3, 4 or 5 international experts for the first steps. You don’t pay for an office full of employees… The size of the team depends on your wishes and demands. You pay for what you need.

Odyssey Parks and resorts has two main departments: development and investments. Our team is not only developing Odyssey resorts but also assists with other leisure projects in several countries.. Feel free to ask us about possibilities for your project. We are also searching for funding for our and other projects. If you or your company are looking for leisure projects to invest in with solid ROI after opening, we definately have what you are looking for.


If you want to learn how we can develop your leisure project from start to finnish and start a conversation you can contact us via:



Tonya Pope – CEO Jazzland New Orleans:


David Bakas – Chief Operations:


Let’s have a coffee!

The Odyssey  Team


Worlds Of Wonder Sydney In IAAPA’s FUNWORLD

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The November issue of IAAPA’s FUNWORLD Magazine has a feature discussing the theme park and attractions industry in Australia and that includes an interview with me regarding Odyssey Parks & Resort’s Worlds of Wonder theme park destination resort for Sydney. The attached has the feature and the magazine is available online at IAAPA’s website, www.IAAPA.org, and will be distributed to attendees at this month’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

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Worlds of Wonder

Songcheng and Sanad’s resorts aren’t even the largest announced foreign investments in the sector. That honor belongs to Odyssey Parks and Resorts, which has billion-dollar plans to resurrect a Sydney amusement park called Wonderland Sydney that closed in 2004. Odyssey Parks CEO Ammar Khan—a self-made millionaire and property developer—used to work at Wonderland Sydney as a ride operator.

Khan’s initial plan to replace Wonderland Sydney has blossomed into a proposal to build “the largest theme park resort in the Southern Hemisphere.” Master plans for Worlds of Wonder call for two theme parks (one, fantasy; the other, adventure), two resort hotels (both with year-round water park facilities), and an entertainment and shopping district.

“There’s a big gaping hole in Sydney’s market,” says David Bakas, an 18-year Walt Disney World veteran who is Khan’s right-hand man.

Odyssey Parks doesn’t want to create an “off-the-shelf”’ theme park, Bakas explains, but rather a world-class destination with Oz-type resorts and immersive attractions. After calculating the infrastructure costs to accomplish something like this, they realized a single park would not cut it.

Click here for the website of Odyssey Parks & Resorts

Like its predecessor, Worlds of Wonder will be built in western Sydney. The area is changing rapidly, though, thanks to the construction of the city’s second airport. While the themed resort is still in its early stages with government approvals and financing pending, Bakas expects it to open by 2022.

Qualifying timelines with a note about permits is a common refrain from Australian attractions developers. As one company wrote Funworld: “Progress is always subject to the government’s approval of planning, construction coordination, etc.”


Worlds of Wonder Gets Global Media Spotlight

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Our Worlds of Wonder theme park destination resort project for Sydney is getting global attention from the mainstream media and the following link leads to a feature in the UK’s Daily Mail.  The link to this feature is:


Worlds of Wonder Gets Media Spotlight

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Cutting-edge rides, giant water slides and a resort hotel: Plans reveal how Sydney’s Wonderland will be resurrected into the largest theme park in the Southern Hemisphere

Top of DemonOur Worlds of Wonder theme park destination resort in Sydney received mainstream media attention in Australia, and while the press did leave out most of the substance of the actual interview, it is a positive piece.  The main topic was intended to be about how technological advancements in the themed entertainment industry make Worlds of Wonder’s two theme parks, Sydney’s Wonderlands and Sydney’s Wilderlands, way more advanced than their long-departed predecessor, Wonderland.  The link to the feature in the Daily Telegraph can be found at:





Highlights WoW Sydney

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Worlds Of Wonder, Sydney, NSW Australia


The largest and most comprehensive theme park destination resort in the Southern Hemisphere will call Western entrance66_13_03_2004Sydney home by the next decade- and it will become a “must see” experience for millions of guests. Worlds of Wonder is a self-contained destination resort centering on two distinctive, state-of-the-art theme parks: Sydney’s Wonderlands and Sydney’s Wilderlands.  The resort precinct is also home to an entertainment and shopping district, Sydney’s Wonderfest, as well as to two on-site, themed resort hotels, each with their own unique, year-round water park facilities.

WorldPeope Wondering 03s of Wonder’s theme parks, attractions, and resort facilities will provide guests with an immersive experience, offering “More WONDER than ever before.” The following synopsis gives an overview of the various components that will greet guests at Sydney’s Worlds of Wonder.

A Brief History

Worlds of Wonder will certainly be a destination filled with the most modern innovations and techniques for evoking a sense of wonder throughout its theme parks and attractions though the destination resort has historic roots in demon_34Western Sydney. Worlds of Wonder is, in fact, the spiritual successor to what had been the Sydney area’s regional theme park, Wonderland Sydney, which originally opened in 1985 as Australia’s Wonderland. The theme park entertained guests until 2004 when its owners decided to close the venue in order to develop its land for other purposes.  This closure has left this major metropolitan area without a theme park ever since- and has left a sense of loss to the community as a whole who fondly remember the theme park that entertained them. Western Sydney Theme Park Pty., Ltd. is dedicated to creating and operating a modern theme park destination resort in the area and to filling that gap- but while we will certainly honor the heritage of the theme park that once called the area hentrance66_13_03_2004ome, and we will evoke memories of the Wonderland theme park’s former attractions and themed areas, the project we are developing is a far grander destination in every way when compared to our beloved predecessor.  The plans to bring what had been the regional theme park called Wonderland up to date immediately grew into a complete vacation destination where guests could escape the everyday world for more than just a few hours.  The attractions and the themed areas have become complete environments that truly do give the impression of being somewhere specific that can not be experienced in the “real world” otherwise.  The many possibilities to explore and discover worlds of fantasy, adventure and entertainment are so much greater that it is truly “More WONDER than ever before” and too large to fit in just one theme park. Thus, we proudly present Worlds of Wonder, truly a city of leisure and entertainment and a complete vacation destination.

Sydney’s Wonderlands Theme Park

Sydney’s Wonderlands is the center for fantasy and magic at World’s of Wonder. The theme park’s distinct areas will New Demon 15each have a sense of place more rooted in the worlds of the imagination. Sydney’s Wonderlands is literally all about a sense of “wonder” in everything it offers and the various attractions and shows found in its themed lands are all intended to provide fun and entertainment that simply can not be experienced in the day-to-day world. It is a place where the realms found in fiction and fantasy all become real. Some of the areas of the park are styled to themes that were once found in the original Wonderland theme park, including Transylvania, Botany Bay and the Gold Rush Country. A rainbow bridge brings kids- and “kids at heart”- face-to-face with cartoon stars come to life. Wonders from the past, present and future co-exist and every area has a specific sense of place.  The attractions themselves are completely immersive stories in themselves, all in a magical environment that exists to bring wonder to each and every guest.

Sydney’s Wilderlands Theme Park

Sydney’s Wilderlands theme park will certainly have its own sense of “wonder” distinct to its sister theme park’s attractions- but with an emphasis on the wonders of the wild. The original Wonderland theme park did have a wildlife park attraction and when the Western Sydney Theme Park team began to look at ways to bring that part of Rendering15our heritage up to date, several things became clear. Sydney and Australia are blessed with a great many venues that offer experiences with animals and the wild- and Worlds of Wonder would have to think a bit differently to offer something with more wonder for our guests while saluting the wild. What had been a wildlife park focused on Australia’s unique fauna has evolved into a theme park that celebrates the wild in ways no one else can- by focusing on animals that are, were, and never were.  Sydney’s Wilderlands strongly believes in conservation and in protecting animals and nature. To tell that story effectively, our wonders at this theme park will interact with the animals of the world today as well as those from another time- and, in some of the themed areas, animals of fantasy will come to life as well. This is a habitat for everything that is wild and will include immersive environments and animal encounters that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world- again providing more Wonder than ever before.

Sydney’s “Water Lands”- Resort Hotels & Water Parks

Worlds of Wonders two immersive and unique theme parks will each be large enough and comprehensive enough to require more than a day to enjoy properly- and guests will be able to extend the magic of their time at the theme maxresdefaultparks by staying on our resort’s property at one of two themed, on-site resort hotels. Each resort hotel will offer 1,000 rooms of different types and sizes in order to comfortably accommodate every type of guest group. Each also will offer their own distinctive theme and style, making them unique experiences in their own right where the magic and sense of wonder continue throughout the night and where guests can add their own inspired dreams to the many dreams coming to life at the two theme parks themselves. The resorts will also each offer an all-weather water park, matching the theme and style of the overall resort hotel, and uniquely affording guests the opportunity to enjoy the fun and more WONDER than ever before, regardless of what the actual weather outside the resort might be.  The two resort hotel complexes will have dining, shopping and entertainment options as well, making each an ideal base for a true vacation from the everyday world.  The resort hotels and their “Sydney’s Waterlands” water parks will be connected to Worlds of Wonders theme parks and other entertainment areas through our own resort transportation system, affording guests a real escape from the real world for as long as they wish to stay with us.

Sydney’s Wonderfest Entertainment Complex

Worlds of Wonder will offer entertainment, shopping and dining experiences beyond what guests will encounter at 557552_450763018297067_951818867_nthe two theme parks and the two resort hotels, with Sydney’s Wonderfest. An entertainment, shopping and dining destination with its own unique temptations for guests from near and from afar to indulge in.  Wonderfest will have its own venues created specifically for Worlds of Wonder as well as bring some major concepts from overseas to the Sydney market.  Wonderfest’s shops, restaurants, clubs, and other entertainment venues will be connected to the rest of Worlds of Wonder through our resort’s transportation system, making it a care free place to enjoy regardless of whether guests are here on vacation- or just taking a vacation from the rest of their every day world. The enticing mix of experiences at Sydney’s Wonderfest will offer more WONDER than ever before in an entirely different way and yet provide an escape from the mundane world that clearly says this could only be hapenning at Worlds of Wonder.