Low Appraisal For Abandoned New Orleans Theme Park Site

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 Low Appraisal For Abandoned New Orleans Theme Park Site

57aa6a7078a37_imageThe City of New Orleans finally got its long-awaited appraisal for the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans theme park site- and it is low. The 220-acre theme park site itself is only worth $3 million according to the McEvery Co.’s appraisal while an undeveloped adjacent 65-acre tract is only valued at $260,000. The rides on the theme park site are considered worthless. These values mirror the amounts in a bid to develop Jazzland on the site, which was devastated almost eleven years ago during Hurricane Katrina. The City ordered a new title search as well as an environmental phase one study before proceeding with deciding on the fate of the abandoned theme park site. The re-imagining of this property as Jazzland theme park is an Odyssey Parks & Resorts project and we proudly support Tonya Pope in her efforts.

Read the news article via this link


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