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On tuesday may 9, the board voted to turn the decision for the property development over to the mayor’s office. All offers were “rejected” as a formality to give decision making power to the mayor. The process continues.

The city wants “more than just a theme park”, which is what our Jazzland proposal offers. The former Six Flags property has been marketed for 7 years now. It would cost $8+ million just to tear down the property for something else, meaning that Jazzland is simply the best option on the table. We don’t see this administration passing the decision over to the next mayor.

Several local groups and communities plan to make the park a campaign issue,  because the city of New Orleans desperately needs the entertainment area. New Orleans set a new record for visitor spending year after year. Visitation to the city continues to climb, with over 10 million visitors in 2016 who spent more than $7 billion.

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