Jazzland Theme Park return to the N.O. East site

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Could Jazzland Theme Park return to the N.O. East site?

May 16, 2017 – 9:09 am

Now that the Industrial Development Board which owns the property Six Flags once operated on, they’ve turned over the decision making process of what happens next over to the mayor’s office.  Now some proposals are on the table.

Tonya Pope President of TPC-NOLA said they’ve put in a bid, and they’d like to bring back Jazzland Theme Park. “Our proposal would be to redevelop and reopen the park itself as Jazzland Theme Park,” Pope said.  “The acreage just next to the park, we would add Baritone Beach Waterpark.”

And they’d like to add a hotel.

“We’d also add a Sportman’s Paradise Resorts Hotel which would be working with Eastover Golf Course so that golf could be an added amenity,” Pope noted.  “And we’d also be building a mixed-use retail, dining, and entertainment venue.”

She says it would be amped up with more entertainment. “Or a scaled-down Downtown Disney type,” said Pope. And what about the critics who say another theme park won’t work? “The previous operations were always profitable,” said Pope.  “I know urban legends says otherwise but you can look at Six Flags reports and see that they had profits of higher than 50 percent one year.  I mean that’s a pretty good profit level for something that supposedly failed.”

Pope says a couple of other offers have also been submitted from others, and those proposals also involve building a theme park.

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